Our Internet Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Numerous research studies have proven over and over again that natural (or organic) search engine listings provide the highest click through rates to websites. Ranking well on Google, Yahoo, & Bing requires a thorough understanding of the search engine algorithms in addition to the different types of content that can appear in the results: Local Search, Blogs, News, Images & Video. We will help you determine the keywords that will provide you the most value in addition the level of effort needed to rank for these keywords.

Web Analytics: Where do your visitor come from? When they arrive on your site, what do they do? How long do they stay? Which one of your online campaigns is most effective? What is causing your visitors not to purchase from you? These are just some of the questions that web analytics can help you answer. Our team is well versed in web analytics and has consulted for large organizations using enterprise level software such as Omniture & WebTrends as well small-medium sized businesses using Google Analytics or StatCounter.

We are here to help your implement analytics across your entire site or make sense of the data that you are already receiving.

Training: Wouldn't it be ideal if someone could show you how to optimize your online strategy so you could bring it in-house? We offer customized Internet marketing training services covering the topics of Search Engine Optimization, Web Analytics, Paid Search, Social Media and Email Marketing. We can teach you one on one or deliver a seminar for your entire team.

Email Marketing: There's more to email strategies than consistently sending out promotional blasts to various lists. Our approach to email marketing consists of 3 main items:

1) Helping you accurately identify what your customers/prospects do after they recieve the email (through analytics). Do they unsubscribe? Do they perform an desirable action on your site? Do they bounce right of your site?

2) Implementing a testing framework so that we can compare things such as subject lines, content, & offers. These tests will quickly prove what's working and what's not.

3) Designing effective landing pages, so that after users do arrive on your site via an email, they are highly engaged with the landing page thereby increasing the chances of them performing key actions on your website.

Social Media: Corporate Blogs, Twitter, and Facebook are touch points on the web that you absolutely have to approach strategically in order to properly converse with your customers/prospects. We want to have the highest understanding of your business and through this understanding we will recommend how best you can leverage these social media channels.

Conference Optimization: There are literally dozens and dozens of internet conferences happening every year. You may have attended some in the past and have felt overwhelmed with all the different types of ideas and concepts. Through our conference optimization solution we will help you get the most from every internet marketing conference you attend. We will accompany you and your team to these conferences, create an ideal schedule for you and provide a full day follow-up on how to best leverage the strategies you were exposed to at the conference.


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